Our 5 Module Course Series

To get the full benefits from our Academy, we encourage our psychotherapist clients to take our full 5-course series. The modules generally are a pre-requisite for each other, and should be completed in order. Because we believe the full benefit of our work comes from completing the entire series, we offer several bundled course discounts to choose from. To learn what each course offers, click on the course links below.

Person-Centered Psychotherapy (PCP)

Person-Centered Psychotherapy (PCP) is a humanistic and phenomenological approach based on ideas developed by Carl Rogers, his associates, and later followers of this approach. We sincerely believe that each person has all the resources, strength, and power to promote their own changes towards healing, gaining new insights and developments. The psychotherapist’s role is to provide the client with the necessary conditions for such growth and changes to occur. Therefore, a psychotherapist strives to ensure a safe and trustworthy interpersonal relationship and environment, so that a client may discover and establish their path to self-determination. In this series of courses, we ensure that: participants understand these fundamentals of PCP; gain insights of their personal strengths and weaknesses using the PCP approach; and how to create a safe and open PCP environment for their clients.

Carl R. Rogers developed a profound practice and understanding of psychotherapy. Rogers’ essential insight is that certain qualities of the relationship between therapist and client can be learned and practiced to create an optimal interpersonal climate for growth, development, and healing.

In this course series, you will discover, using guidance and practice, and through your own experiences and reflections, how to create this climate for your own practice. Participants will learn how to enhance the possibilities for personal change and growth for their clients.

We have developed a complete series of courses that combine the philosophical, theoretical, and practical aspects of Person-Centered Psychotherapy. We aim to foster creative, responsible, and accountable learning for participants. We intend for participants’ deep understanding and security when embodying their learning in practice, as they determine what to do or not to do during therapy with clients.

Our PCP courses encourage freedom of thinking and action, and resourcefulness. We center our inquiry and practice within the framework of the six conditions proposed by Rogers for optimal psychotherapy, bound by a deep code of ethics: Do no harm.

We strive to develop psychotherapists’ resilience by offering inner work and experiences with diverse groups of fellow participants. Participants who know and attend to their wounds and delights will be less likely to allow them to interfere in their performance with their clients’ therapeutic processes. In our own experience, the PCP participant who initiates their psychotherapy and receives supervision, learns the most from our encounters in development.

Continuing Education Units are available for all our courses, one unit per course hour. Participants desiring CEUs must be present for the whole course. Participants who miss any hours will have an opportunity to recover those hours by writing a paper, doing supervision, or doing another appropriate activity to get certification. We ask all participants to write a reflection about their experiences, at the end of each module, and a final paper on the subject of the participant’s choice, at the end of the full 5 module course series.

Mod I: Person-Centered Psychotherapy – its history, nature, and applications.

Mod II: Exploring the depths of Relationship between Psychotherapists and Clients.

Mod III: Necessary Primary Conditions for PCP and its impact on clients and psychotherapists.

Mod IV: Focusing on the psychotherapist and how their personal history and professional life impact psychotherapy.

Mod V: Clinical Supervision in Person-Centered Psychotherapy – refining the psychotherapists’ interventions.



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